Monday, June 27, 2016

VIRTU3 and Christianity

The theological structure of the Trinity makes Christianity a uniquely VIRTU3OUS religion.

God the Father is the consequentialist aspect of the divine. He is the source of all creation and cares more about outcomes than intentions or actions.

Jesus is the ethical aspect of God. As fully human, he is capable of engaging with all other humans on a peer-to-peer basis. We are individually free to accept or reject his teachings.

The Spirit is the moral aspect of God. The Spirit is universally benevolent towards all of creation and hopeful for the redemption of even the most depraved among us.

Some Christian sects try to elevate one of these aspects above the others. Father God sects focus on a prosperity gospel and divine retribution. Spirit sects focus on the social gospel and benevolent (missionary/ministry) works. Christ sects focus on a more personal gospel and redemption through grace.

In attempting to live a life that pleases all three aspects of God, Christian trinitarians are encouraged to be fully VIRTU3OUS - productive, respectful and benevolent. This has led to Christendom being the most prosperous, humane and generous civilization in the world.